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Just a small selection of the kind words sent to us by many of our clients...

"The trip was incredible!!! I absolutely loved it!!! The route was fantastic - such great roads to drive and amazing scenery! And the accommodation was perfect.

I pretty much stuck to the route that you sent me as did not feel too adventurous as a woman travelling alone. But I would not change the route at all - the distances were great for each day, giving me time to stop along the way and admire the views - and what incredible views they were!! And it was great to read the information the night before so I knew what to look out for the next day, and see what the route involved.

Thanks so much for all your help with the trip. I loved it and would not change a thing about it!!! "
Catherine, UK

"The trip was fantastic, thank you very much for all your effort. Between your route and some pointers from friends and locals, we had a truly splendid week. Was in two minds before, just because I'm tight and it's fairly pricey, but it has been worth every bean, and we both hope to have another trip. More again really soon please Santa..... "
Piers, England

"No problems with booking or billing. Communication via e-mail was fast and personal requests were always met. The itinerary was good. A bit hard to imagine doing all the stuff that's in there. But since it's self guided the choice is yours what to do. The accommodation was always top notch. Amazing route. Roads in good condition. Lots of sights on the way. Sometimes the legs could be a bit long (and the bum a bit sore) but it's a big country so this is unavoidable.

The tour was worth every dollar. The hassle free booking and the drive-your-own-pace self guiding make the trip very enjoyable."
Sebastian, Australia

"Hey Dries, the trip was excellent thank you... As we only had four days, we spent most of our time north of Auckland, touring the island. I think we covered just over 600 miles travelling through some of the best scenery we've ever seen. One moment we are driving along the sea in Paihia, next up in the hills on the way to the tip of the island, through to windy forest roads.... :-)

I think the best roads for us was on the west coast travelling along side the Tasmanian Sea especially through the Waipoua forest! A holiday of a lifetime mate and we are already thinking of coming back to see some of the South Island! Thanks for all your help!!!"
Andy & Mark, England

"I recently completed a 12 day tour of New Zealand’s South Island. What a shame on my part that it has taken me so long to get there. As you are aware the scenery is some of the most fascinating this world has to offer. However, I am compelled to write and express my opinion that as beautiful as your country is, your greatest asset has to be your people! All of the people that I had personal contact with beginning at the airport, to the hotels, the B&B’s, restaurants, café’s, pubs, excursions, and others, were some of the friendliest and most helpful folks that I have ever had the privilege of meeting!

Thank you for a wonderful experience!"
Tom, Texas, USA

"Thanks for your e-mail. We had a great time in NZ. We especially liked the South Island. We were so lucky with the weather; not a drop of rain on the South Island and we were there for almost 3 weeks! The first rain we saw was on the ferry over to the North Island. Even then, only a couple of days with a little bit of rain. Saw lots of country and took lots of pics. By the end of the tour we had put on just under 10,000 km.

We have nothing but good memories about the trip and already miss 'living the life'. Thanks for everything. Cheers Mate!"
Bruno and Kris, Canada

"Hi Dries,

Thanks for email, yes it all went very well thanks - back at work now for the first day - NZ has probably the best roads in the world, high quality, fantastic backdrop scenery - all in all an excellent holiday was had by all!

Thanks for your assistance.
Vinny, England

"Hi Dries,

First off, I'd like to thank you for enabling a great trip. All went perfect, I really can't think of any suggestions on what could be improved! I was very lucky with the weather. The suggested travel plan is just right, I normally drive longer distances on a day, but in New Zealand you just need the extra time to let the environment sink in, take pictures, relax, and it allows for some diversions if you wish. Good choice of B&B's too! Nice locations, quiet, outside town

So, all in all a very positive experience and I would certainly recommend you guys to anyone thinking of doing a trip in New Zealand!

Stef, Netherland